For the past 30 years ,we produce precision Cycloidal reducer only.
In 1990,Jiangsu luole transmission Co., Ltd. (Taiwan Murata Precision Co., Ltd.) ,INC. and focused on the development and manufacture roller reducer. Released the innovative revolution-rotation roller drive mechanism into reducer which is the prototype of ROLADRIVE reducer. The Roladrive reducer was applied successfully to the machine required high torque and low backlash.
In 2011,accompanied with more than 20 years experience manufactured/developed Roladrive reducer. TSUNTIEN released the new generation of product which integrated two kind of technique of planetary and roller type. The new concept reducer:TTRA-E ,TTRV-C,TTRV-E and TTRD-C have been released. It’s the pioneer in Taiwan who develop and do the mass production capacity for RV reducer.
In 2013,TSUNTIEN products successfully apply to the robotic positioner,ATC,tool magazine,tube-bending machine,chemical engineering,automation industry,electronic wafer/inspection equipment,SCARA,high precision 4 axle/6 axle robotic arm …etc.
In 2018,set up the factory in Kunshan.
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