Murata Taiwan reducer V.S Planetary reducer

Publication time:Jun 4, 2019

In the usual customer visiting ,we found that most of the customers can’t distinguish.
Murata Taiwan RV reducer and planetary reducer clearly. Therefore, we make the detailed comparison between Murata Taiwan RV reducer and planetary reducer below.
The planetary reducer is operated by sun gear to  drive the planet gear and the ring gear to make the speed reduced , so the planetary reducer is the coaxial operation.
The RV roller reducer is operated by internal eccentric bearing to drive the TwinRoller disc and external rollers to make the speed reduced. By the structure comparison , the roller is stronger than gear and without gear-damaged problem.
On the other hand, the shortage of planetary reducer mechanism is one or two teeth engagements which can’t bear bigger torque (gear-damaged problem). The weakness of the planetary reducer : Due to the sun gear of ratio 10 is too small , the strength is not enough and with the gear-damaged problem.
Another one is due to ratio 3 planetary will make the planet gear rotate faster than the sun gear  which can cause the speed up and high gear noise.
TSUNTIEN reducer can transfer the significant higher torque , extremely high rigidity , high impact-resistance capacity and multi-teeth meshed characteristic . Due to no gear structure , the noise and gear-damaged problem are no necessary to worry about. TSUNTIEN roller reducer can build the maximum ratio 140 under one stage ( depends on specification ) and ratio 8000 under two stages. With powerful characteristic and advantage on the price and the structure / high precision / multi-teeth contact ( multi-teeth engagement / high load bearing capacity / high torque /low noise /long service life.
The planetary reducer can only build maximum ratio 10 under one stage and two stages or three stages if more than ratio 10 ( As the picture shown on the right ). The precision and the price will also be affected if more than one stage.  
Q:If the customer require the reducer with ratio 100 and high torque output , how to make the appropriate selection advise ?
A:Analyse as below :
1.”TSUNTIEN ”roller gear reduction could build ratio 140 under one stage. “one stage will be enough” . 
2. Planetary reducer could make ratio 10 under one stage . If customer requires ratio 100 , it have to made up to three stage. The 2 stage is not recommended because ratio 10 is the vulnerable structure ( the concern of sun gear damage ) .
3. Parallel gearbox would be make 5~ 6 stage ( axis ) under ratio 100 ( depends on the dimension ) .
Conclusion: One stage more means “cost increased ”+ ”precision decreased ”+ “efficiency decreased “ + ”space wasting”+ “weight increased”+ “inertia increased”+ “design inconvenient “.
We can summarize the advantage of Murata Taiwan RV reducer compare to planetary reducer :
- Significant higher torque
- Higher torque
- Higher axial and radial load capacity
- Load capacity increased
- Higher reliability
- No gear noise
- Space saving
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