TSUNTIEN Kunshan Plant has been fully put into production

Publication time:Jun 14, 2019

TSUNTIEN set up a factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province in 2018. After nearly one year of preparation, the factory was fully put into production in May 2019. In the past 30 years, the market has changed a lot, but our belief in focusing on precision RV reducers will never be changed!

Recently, Mr. Yao Cuntian, founder and chairman of TSUNTIEN, personally came to the Kunshan factory for technical guidance. Mr. Yao said: “I am very pleased to witness the opening of our Kunshan plant, which will not only help us strengthen the layout of the mainland to meet the growing business needs, but also provide strong support for local customers and business partners. Looking to the future , we will continue to increase investment in the mainland market to achieve sustained and steady growth.“

Mr. Yao personally came to the Kunshan factory for technical guidance.

About Kunshan TSUNTIEN

TSUNTIEN set up a factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province in 2018. The process technology of the Kunshan plant was copied from Taiwan TSUNTIEN, and the core personnel were from Taiwan. At present, the supply of core parts is from the same factories with Taiwan, based on Taiwan TSUNTIEN,more advanced equipment from Germany and Japan were bought. In order to better respond to market demand,we will develop new technologies and strengthen our product lineup, improve product quality and flexibility. We adhere to our beliefs and focus on precision reducers to meet new opportunities and challenges.

Mr. Yao, founder of TSUNTIEN

What are the benefits of TSUNTIEN in Kunshan for mainland customers?

First, reduce lead time.

In the past, due to transportation reasons, the lead time was too long. Now TSUNTIEN has set up a factory in the mainland, which can effectively reduce lead time.

Second, the cost is reduced.

Taiwan TSUNTIEN reducers have been shipped from Taiwan in the past, and it is inevitable to declare customs fees and transportation costs. Setting up factories in the mainland can save customs declaration fees and transportation fees. And the saving will be returned to our customers.

Finally, the after-sales service more efficient.

The Kunshan factory will be responsible for the after-sales service, which will make it easier and faster to solve the problems encountered during the use.


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